Business Statistics

Business statistics, as the name indicates deals with the mathematical analysis of a given set of data through quantified representations, charts, models, graphs and summaries to run a business. It is the science of excellent decision making by measuring, controlling and analysing information and data in times of uncertainty. It is used in many fields such as auditing, financial analysis, production, service improvements, marketing and advertising research, hence, making the graduate statistics course one of the most popular subjects.

Today, we are living in a world of data overload. With the continuous bombardment of emails to answer, virtual friends who annoy, YouTube videos to look at, it is difficult to filter relevant information from data deluge. This is where Business statistics courses come into play. It provides understanding and expertise to interpret and make use of statistical techniques in a range of business applications. Many colleges offer graduate statistics course either as a main course or sub-course of a UG course in BBA or B.Com depending on the curriculum.

At Pondicherry University, it is offered in the 2nd year of a BBA or B.Com course taken up through distance education. This course is typically focused on problems related from the business. A distance learning statistics course is an excellent option for anyone who has an interest in mathematics and loves to summarise data into the numerical form. A mathematical statistics online course is the need of the hour, as it helps businesses run smoothly, and saves both money and time.

More and more candidates are opting for Online MBA, as they can pursue higher education while continuing with their regular jobs. The course resources and materials are available as E-books, so the students can revisit them multiple times. Apart from this, they can also interact with research experts through live online sessions, get updated information through podcasts, and attend video seminars. The resource library at Pondicherry University has extensive material in e-books format to browse through. In addition to Online MBA, candidates can even take up other distance education courses which are popular for their curriculum and quality.

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