Correspondence Courses

While correspondence education is not a new concept, the Internet, and other communication technologies have made it a preferred option for students who yearn to study without disrupting their professional lives or having to relocate. A plethora of courses is offered through distance education and online education programs by Pondicherry University. Students receive course work online. They can even communicate with professors and peers, attend online seminars and lectures and appearing in online examinations.

Correspondence study mainly targets working professionals, granting them the flexibility of time and location. They also offer the advantage of convenience and affordability which comes with least interruption of the students’ routine. Correspondence learning has enabled many students from rural areas and girls from orthodox families, among many others, to procure an education, at their convenience.

Online correspondence courses can be undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate courses. Distance education technologies can deliver in two different ways: synchronous learning and asynchronous learning. In synchronous learning, all participants are present at a time, which quite resembles a traditional classroom taking off the barrier of physical presence. Web conferencing, video conferencing, live streaming, telephonic conversations or a web-based VoIP are used for synchronous learning. Asynchronous gives more flexibility to students. This can be done through emails, audio and/or video recordings, printed materials, etc.

At Pondicherry University, courses by correspondence are offered via both asynchronous and synchronous mode, giving students a feel of traditional classroom as well as the flexibility of a distance learning program. We have incorporated an online portal for students where lectures, videos, seminars, and course content are available online. We also provide interactive sessions with personal doubt clearing sessions between professors and students. Students can also access course content flexibly on their schedule through our smartphone app, ‘avagmah’. This smartphone application is accessible to all our users.

Pondicherry University has taken utmost care to design the course material for correspondence degree in consultation with experienced professors and industry experts. The course content is a result of extensive research, debates and discussions, suggestions and feedback from professors who have been the alumnus of prestigious institutions like IITs and IIMs. The university also ensures the industry-readiness of students by its frequent guest lectures, motivational talks by achievers, industry visits, etc. A study by correspondence has thus become one of the most sought after options for individuals who seek growth in professional life without considerably disrupting their normal life.

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