Distance MBA in Finance

Pondicherry University offers a distance MBA in Finance which is designed to equip candidates with all the financial knowledge that they need to pursue careers in the retail banking, corporate treasury and consumer finance. This helps students from all over India get an MBA of their choice without having to shift base in order to get the education they want. The MBA - Finance distance education program is also a gateway for professionals who don’t have the time or the chance to pursue a regular campus education -to carry forward their learning process while working at their regular jobs.

The MBA finance distance learning program at Pondicherry University was established in the year 1995-96, in an endeavour to use the advancements in technology to create a flexible educational option for interested candidates. It allows them to access all their course material 24/7 and also get instructions over video and chat through the online portal, so they can study at their own pace and time.

The MBA in Finance distance education program is a spread over four semesters and includes subjects like value maximisation, security analysis, portfolio management, and capital investment evaluation. The first semester provides a foundation in management concepts, economics, accounting and organizational behaviour. In subsequent semesters, the MBA in Finance distance learning adopts a more detailed and specific approach to strategic financial management, banking, financial services, international trade and finance, project management and global financial management.

The well- qualified faculty of Pondicherry University is committed to nurturing and mentoring highly skilled and competent managers for global financial positions. With the skills they have acquired at our MBA Finance distance education program students can adapt to any financial models, nationally and internationally. The University also offers a Distance MBA in Marketing, which allows more exposure to the creative and strategic side of marketing. A Distance MBA in HR is another popular choice at our University for young men and women, professionals and non-professionals.

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