Distance MBA in Retail

The organized retail sector is currently booming and it is expected to be at par with brick and mortar stores in five years. There is, therefore, a high demand for skilled managerial talent in this space. Pursuing an MBA in retail management would be highly beneficial to job aspirants in this sector as the course gives you in-depth learning and innovative transition into the world of retail marketing. The distance MBA is ideal for individuals who wish to pursue higher education without interrupting their regular routine. An MBA in retail management distance learning can be taken from any part of the country.

This online course ensures that students gain comprehensive knowledge with 24/7 access to study material. The University offers round the clock assistance through chat or email, and one may clarify any doubts as they arise. The faculty responds to all queries in 24 hours and students have access to archived folders with questions asked by participants of the previous batches.

Pondicherry University’s distance MBA allows students the opportunity to learn and apply the principles learned at work. The course curriculum is designed by India’s top professors who have strong academic background and includes mentoring by industry experts, throughout the duration of the program. The MBA is a 2-year online program, with a 1-year foundation on management principles and concepts. The 2nd year focuses in detail on specific subject areas in Retail. The MBA distance in retail management introduces students to trends and best practices and focuses on building capabilities which are relevant in the workplace.

Pondicherry University has always been popular with students as the course is flexible and exhaustive. Students have the advantage of live online mentoring sessions with the faculty for 10 hours each semester. You may choose to have the books sent semester wise, or access all the content on the “avagmah” app. the mobile phone app ensures that you have the curriculum on demand where ever you go. You also get a chance to interact with achievers and industry experts for deeper insights in your subject area.

This distance education program is designed to help its participants craft a successful career. The university offers several other online education courses and distance learning is a smart way of acquiring additional skill sets while having the flexibility to balance work and learning.

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