Student Testimonials


Deepa Subhakar

Enroled in PGD in Business Administration, June 2014 Batch
Quote I personally feel, given the dynamism of my lifestyle, online education has given me the flexibility to manage my learning efficiently. I'm able to access the recorded lectures, study material as well as reference materials and Guru Talk sessions from anywhere.
I strongly recommend everyone to make use of these facilities.
Has 15 years of corporate working experience.
Balaji Subramanian

Balaji Subramanian

Enroled in MBA in Operation and Supply Chain Management, June 2014 Batch
Quote As a working professional we have to juggle with family, work and other commitments. With less time to pursue higher studies, the online platform at Pondicherry University is a boon for us to up-skill ourselves. Recommend all career-minded professionals to make use of this great facility. It is one of the best resource available in India for distance education Quote
Sayee lakshmi


Enroled in MBA Distance Education – International Business, January 2015 Batch
Quote I’ve waited 10 years to do my post-graduation. I dropped out of a distance education programme, because I couldn’t attend contact classes. I have been waiting for something like this [Online MBA programme]. I joined this programme because it provides me a comfort level - I can attend class at my convenience. This is a great initiative [online programmes] and I greatly appreciate the efforts of the student executives. I email my concerns at midnight and a response will be in my inbox when I get back to work. the effort the support team puts to resolve our concerns is greatly appreciable.
10 years engineering experience now into a management role, working with a global pharmaceutical company.
Ruchi Gupta

Ruchi Gupta

Enroled in MBA – General, January 2015 Batch
Quote I want to thank you [faculty] for your excellent video lectures on the avagmah technology platform (ATP), which made Distance MBA, very easy to understand. You have explained the subject so well and have made it so easy to understand. The concepts are clear to me, now, and I liked the skillfulness and simplicity with which you explained the concepts. Thanks again! Quote
15 years work experience, currently with the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.
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